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National News:

October 14, 2010 Charter Schools: The Good Ones Aren’t Flukes – Time Magazine – By Andrew Rotherham

Jan. 25, 2010 Play, Then Eat: Shift May Bring Gains at School-The New York Times-Read this article to see what experts are saying when elementary school students go to recess first, then eat lunch?

Pressure-cooker Kindergarten-Boston.com – Is Kindergarten and its new focus on academic achievement and testing setting up our five year olds for failure? Politicians and Early Childhood Experts debate this controversial issue.

Cracking the Kindergarten Code - New York Times Magazine – an article about demystifying the process of getting your child into a good school, in eleven easy lessons.

Local News:

2/7/2010 History lessons vary for Colorado students–Denverpost.com–Part III of the series focusing on educational snapshots of high school history classes across the state.

2/6/2010 The Science of Learning-Denverpost.com-Part II of the Series focusing on educational snapshots of what eighth-grade science classrooms look like across the state.

2/5/2010 Getting a read on Colorado schools -Deverpost.com-A three part series looking at educational snapshots across Colorado. This snapshot focuses on reading in third- grade classrooms across the state.

January 2010 National spotlight shone on schools without grade levels-9News.com-Read this article (and watch the video) to learn more about a Standards Based Education and how it’s working for the Adams 50 School District.

Dec. 2009 – The Green School Showcases The End Of ‘One Size Fits All’ Public Education – The Cherry Creek Chronicle

Oct. 27, 2009 - DPS evaluates school remedies - Denverpost.com -Turnaround strategies for failing DPS schools serving low-income children. Which schools will be affected and what kind of reform will take place? Where is the money coming from in order to create this change?

Aug. 18, 2009 - Newbies to Denver Schools learn to teach by doing –Denverpost.com  - A new DPS residency teaching program (modeled after a medical residency) aimed at cultivating and maintaing exceptional teachers. The program is a collaboration of DPS and the University of Denver while being funded by the Denver-based Janus Capital Group.

Jul. 28, 2009 - Colorado Schools Vying For Pupils – Denverpost.com – DPS schools have resorted to marketing tactics and door to door campaigning to attract students in order to fill their schools and be awarded the critical per-student state funding.

Stapleton Botches Projections &  School Delivery - Denverpost.com – Stapleton neighborhood schools are overcrowded and will be at capacity next August 2010. A formerly-planned third school will not be developed as buyers were previously assured.   Be sure to read the comments on this one!

Fairview Elementary Teacher awarded $100K Achievement Award – Linda Alston, Kindergarten Teacher at Fairview Elementary is the recipient of the The Kinder Excellence in Teaching Award as announced by U.S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spelling.

Packed Bromwell Elementary Uncovering Non-Local Kids – Denverpost.com – parents and children are divided about an uncovering of kids at Bromwell who do not live in the neighborhood and were using business or relatives addresses to enroll.

Related Articles:

Should Children Redshirt Kindergarten? – Newsweek – an article discussing what new studies have found regarding the redshirt argument.

Redshirting: What’s it All About? – Education.com –  an article on delaying Kindergarten another year for a child

Academic Redshirting and Young Children-Education.com-an article by Lilian G. Katz that tells about the effects of Redshirting & suggestions for parents.

He has a Summer Birthday: The Kindergarten Entrance Age Dilemma-Education.com-an article by Sandra Crosser that looks at the research and answers the question as to how holding out a year, affects the Kindergarten experience.

Parents delay kindergarten to give kids an edge-New York Times News Service-an article that explores the debate over academic redshirting in a New York City suburb.