A Family’s Alternative School Option

A Family’s Alternative School Option

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Thanks to Kristin Arnold for sharing her experience regarding another school option here in Colorado. Please read below to hear about her family’s experience with the Colorado Virtual Academy. 

Online Public School and Our Family

By Kristin Arnold, Colorado resident and learning coach for her daughter enrolled at Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA)

When my oldest daughter, Sara, was in the fourth grade, her father and I noticed she started to struggle academically. Social distractions seemed to be inhibiting her from concentrating in class and working diligently on schoolwork at home. She just wasn’t reaching her potential, which led us to explore other options that we felt might be more customizable to meet her individual needs and launch her toward academic success.

Among the education alternatives we researched were online public schools. We did our research and eventually landed on Colorado Virtual Academy (COVA), an online public school that serves students in grades K through 12. COVA uses K12 Inc.’s award-winning curriculum which is robust, mastery-based and engaging, so when I got the opportunity to view it, I was impressed—hands-down! COVA’s teachers are highly-qualified and state-certified, and the school is held to the same standards as all public schools. Lastly, COVA is tuition-free, just like other public schools, so we found an alternative that wouldn’t be prohibitive financially. We enrolled our daughter in August 2009 and haven’t looked back.

Since Sara started at COVA, she’s been doing extremely well academically and it’s been a confidence-building experience for her. Her teachers and I work together to ensure she’s mastering concepts before moving on to the next topic. If she needs more challenge, that’s easy to accommodate. If we need to slow down and make sure lessons are mastered, we adjust.

Another benefit is the flexibility COVA provides. We have the choice to complete school work and daily classes within or outside of the usual 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. timeframe, as long as we are meeting school attendance requirements.

For parents whose children aren’t finding success at traditional schools, need a more individualized approach, require some scheduling flexibility, or all of the above, I highly recommend virtual schools like COVA. According to the Center for Education Reform Data, virtual schools are the fastest growing alternative to traditional public schools.

I’m personally thrilled with this option I’ve found for my daughter, and I believe that online public schools are an important option in education. No family should suffer with a school situation they aren’t pleased with, or that isn’t working for their child, simply because of geographic or economic circumstance.

For more information about COVA, please go to www.K12.com/cova.

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