New School Scoop Format

New School Scoop Format

Posted on 15. May, 2012 by in Posts

One of the most valued sections on our blog has been the School Scoop posts, a place where we’ve profiled a number of schools within Denver. These profiles include some general data along with more in depth research we learned when visiting the school. We’ve included our impressions of a school based on a tour or open house we attended and sometimes speaking to administration and parent representatives.

It has been interesting, and exhausting, making these visits with the purpose of giving our readers a viewpoint they might not be able to get otherwise. Although we’d love to continue, the two of us simply cannot cover all of the schools in Denver ourselves. We brainstormed ways in which to keep this section of the blog alive and have come up with a new format.

The new format will be a school profile written by a parent. It won’t be the in-depth format we have done in the past. Instead, it will be a handful of questions we’ve created that you will complete. It might take you 15-20 minutes to do! We will be contacting schools, friends and acquaintances to find parents who are able to take a little time out of their schedule to share (or brag) about what makes their school special and to give our readers a better sense of why you might want to send your child there. We are looking for parents whose children have attended the school for more than a few years and have a good overall understanding of the school culture.

The end of the 2012 school year is upon us but our hope is to post a couple of these a month. If you are interested in doing a profile for your child’s school, please email us ( so we can send you the profile questionnaire.

In addition, if you have further questions about schools, educational philosophies, or if you’re overwhelmed by the many school options available, be sure to visit here to learn about the Educational Consulting packages offered by Kerri.

Thank you!

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