School Scoop: Colorado Academy

School Scoop: Colorado Academy

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Thank you to the Colorado Academy parent for contributing to the School Scoop!

School Name:  Colorado Academy

1. Tell us about yourself (stay at home mom/dad, working parent, single parent, kids ages, etc.) and what your role is at the school  (PTA member, volunteer when I can, part of the board, etc.).

I am a stay-at-home mom. Since I have some flexibility, I volunteer at the school in the classroom and with the Parent Association.

2. What type of school is it (neighborhood, school of choice, charter, private, faith-based, etc.) How did you choose this school?

Colorado Academy is a private school.

3. How long have your child/ren been at this school? If your child did not start out at this school, please explain.

Our children started at Colorado Academy in Kindergarten.

4. What makes your school special or unique?  Please give us specific examples (3-4 examples).

We chose Colorado Academy for a variety of reasons. We liked the campus and how all divisions were at the same location. Since we are driving a fair distance, it is helpful to take the kids to one location, especially with them in different divisions.

Colorado Academy is working hard to be a 21st Century school by introducing a variety of technology into the curriculum. Many students are using iPads, and other similar devices for their school work. Eventually, all students will have electronic versions of their text books.

One of the most unique things Colorado Academy has to offer is their parent clubs, which include, Hiking, Skiing, Knitting, Mah Jongg, and many others. These clubs are a great way to meet parents from other divisions and share an experience with them.

Colorado Academy offers a counselor for the kids in each division. It’s great for the kids to know there is always someone they can talk to confidentially. I know in the Lower school and Middle school, these counselors make every effort to get to know the kids on a personal level and make them comfortable with seeking them out when there is an issue.  

5. Why would other parents want to have their child/ren at this school?  What type of child (and family) would thrive here?

Colorado Academy is an academic school and offers a more traditional education. It is not to say that all approaches to teaching are traditional. The teachers differ in their styles of presenting the material to accommodate some learning differences. Students, who learn more traditionally, will likely perform best in the CA environment.

6. What is one thing you’d change about your school if you could (one thing you’d change to make it better)?

I really like the friendliness and out-going personality the head of the Middle school has and would like to see more people like him at the school. It’s very refreshing.

 I think Colorado Academy would benefit by having a number of learning specialists in each division to assist students, parents, and faculty/staff  with learning differences when they need to be addressed. Having faculty/staff, who understand these students’ needs, will allow these bright and talented students to reach their maximum academic potential.

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