Mum shares herb cooking hack to save time and viewers say it’s ‘life changing’


A mum who shared a cooking hack to save time in the kitchen has seen the clip go viral after she said she “feels like I’ve lost years of my life” having only just discovered it.

When it comes to preparing herbs such as coriander or parsley, many home cooks carry out the fiddly job of plucking the herb from the stem one at a time ready to be chopped before throwing them into the dish.

But now TikTok user @Morielbethobertanner has demonstrated a far easier way to get the job done and it’s blowing people’s minds.

Jumping on a trend challenging users to show the life hack that has become “an unconscious standard practice in your life”, the mum shows parsley being prepared to use in their dinner.

Rather than putting it on the chopping board to cut and add to the recipe, the stalkof the herb is threaded through one of the holes in a cheese grater and guided out the bottom.

It’s then pulled all the way through to strip the leaves off perfectly on the way through, leaving the stalk completely bare at the end. You can see it in the video above.

The clip has been viewed more than 1.1 million times and gained hundreds of comments as one said: “OMG. Genius. What in the hell have I been doing!! Coriander is going to lose this battle!”

A second wrote: “When I say I just screamed at my screen I SCREAMED. WHAAAATT.”

And a third replied: “Oh. My. Goodness. Life changing.”

Not everyone was completely sold on the idea, as another argued back: “Why ya’ll encouraging this? You need the stem in there! That’s where the flavour is at! Why do you think they hang herbs upside down.”

A second said: “But WAIT, the stems have all the good flavour. You’re throwing away the wrong part, nooo!”

However, another responded to say: “AMAZING! I absolutely hate the stems so I usually pick the leaves off. It’s a texture thing for me.” And the mum agreed, replying: “Yeah we don’t really like them either.”