Parent leaves people in tears with ‘horrific’ attempt at Colin the Caterpillar


A parent shared their hilarious attempt to replicate Marks & Spencer’s iconic Colin the Caterpillar cake at home – joking they hoped the kids wouldn’t notice the difference.

Colin first appeared on the shelves more than 30 years ago and the supermarket has since made 15 million of the chocolate sponge roll cake with a delicious coat and endearing smile.

The party favourite has even been adapted to don different outfits to suit different occasions, from wedding attire to bunny ears, and Colin imposters have appeared on offer in rival shops as they try to emulate the cake’s success.

But one parent proved that it’s probably better to leave the baking to the professionals after attempting their own version which was quickly branded “terrifying”, “horrific” and “nightmare inducing” online.

A picture of the final result was shared on Reddit with the caption: “Am sure the kids won’t be able to tell I skimped on Colin this time…”

Although the crumbling body does somewhat resemble the chocolate roll made famous by the original, the eyes and mouth created by white chocolate make poor Colin look like the struggles of lockdown have hit him like a high-speed train.

Colin looks a little bare without the milk chocolate shell, and his usual Smarties-style attire has been replaced by white chocolate buttons instead.

It was left to people in the comments to break the bad news that the children probably would clock on that Colin wasn’t the real deal, as one said: “If they ask just say he was involved in a horrific accident on the way over.”

A second wrote: “Err I think Colin needs an ambulance.”

A third replied: “Maybe rather than pretending he’s Colin, just give him a more appropriate name. Banana Eyed Turd comes to mind.”

And another added: “I absolutely f***ing love this! That’s what memories are made of well done.”